April 30, 2008

passport photos can be fun

My beautiful friend Gabe needed an ID photo for her grad school and the specs were as strict as for government passports (I wonder what clearances these social work grad students get over at Smith)! So I took her photo with a natural expression, her face forward (less than 10 degrees in each direction) and with her face sized to 1 3/8" in the 2" square photo.

Then, we had some fun...
This is for the cover of her hip hop album titled "The Communicator."

April 23, 2008

New York City dog walk

This weekend I visited my friends in Brooklyn and one of my favorite parts was walking their dog in the city. Here's some pictures from a park just below the Brooklyn Bridge.

Shakin' off.

April 17, 2008

portraits of drumming group

It's been a slow week, photographically speaking. But today I had a chat with my friend and audio engineer Shaun Laframboise, which started me thinking about the great drum group he leads, KDZ - The Kripalu Drummers. I shot the group and individual portraits for their recent album release, so I thought I'd post these photos which I took back in the fall.

You can listen to KDZ on their myspace profile, or their website.