December 25, 2008

Ridiculous & Sublime website is up!

The website for my in-progress feature documentary film, Ridiculous & Sublime, is up! Please visit it to watch the trailer, see photos, listen to audio clips, and make a donation to support the completion of the film. With a lot of work, a little luck, and the generosity of others, I will finish the film in the new year!

December 15, 2008

beautiful glass tableware

Michael Wainwright has created lots of new glass tableware. I’ve been photographing it for his website and catalog.

December 5, 2008

nature desktop wallpapers

Since I started photographing for Kripalu, my nature photographs of the grounds have regularly been used as wallpaper downloads by thousands of visitors to Kripalu’s site. I remember meeting a woman in a bar in San Francisco who had never been to Kripalu, but faithfully had my photos on her computer each month! It’s strange for me to think about all the places that, unbeknownst to me, my images are traveling without me.

If you’re interested you can download it for yourself. It’s got a handy-dandy reference calendar on it.

I took the above pine tree one back in ‘06, my first winter at Kripalu. I remember wandering the grounds in mid-March (not December, ssssshhh don’t tell).

This one was very popular last month and many people have kept it even has the season has progressed from autumn to winter. It was not actually taken on the Kripalu grounds, but at the neighboring Audubon Society reserve where I took a hike with guests in a Tai Chi program.

One month there was a photo for which everyone had different ideas about whether it was the moon, the sun, or a reflection in the sky over the lake. I had encountered numerous guests who, when they discovered I was the staff photographer, asked if I took that picture and what it was. One man apparently had a disagreement with his 7 year-old about it. If I can find it I’ll post it, and identify the object.

December 4, 2008


I recently created a postcard to advertise my business. This is it. Any day now my new and improved website will be up! It will feature a complete graphic design gallery, new photos of the monks, and a new “events and editorial” photo gallery. Stay tuned!

Click on the above image to see it larger (closer to its actual 6x4" size).

November 30, 2008

stones (not all ideas actualize)

Other artists will know this: sometimes you have great ideas, and do a lot of work, and it doesn’t get used. Alas. Back in the summer I worked with Kripalu’s Creative Director on a concept for Kripalu’s bi-annual magazine cover.

We created some great images, but then the focus of the feature article changed and the concept no longer matched. Kripalu never used the images, so I want to give them a little exposure here.

A last minute adjustment by Elena.

November 15, 2008

Ridiculous and Sublime: Life in an Inner-City Franciscan Monastery

The trailer is now complete for my in-progress still-image documentary film about the Little Brothers of Saint Francis in Boston (it begins on black so don't be worried).

Learn more at

November 13, 2008

portfolio rejects

Young girl with her grandmother in Boston's North End

I’m about to launch a new website with new and updated portfolios. Oh man, the process of selecting images to represent myself is quite challenging. I have to resist simply choosing the images that I love because portfolio images should also be technically sound and relate-able without context so that people consider hiring me for work.

I have finalized my selections and the new site will be up shortly. I thought I’d give a little tribute to the images that missed the cut...

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Mirror Lake, CO

Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park

Horses in the Dutch countryside

Musee D'Orsay, Paris

The Burren, Ireland

Somewhere in Ireland (lost looking for the Cliffs of Mohr)

The Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

Benedict Pond, Monterey, MA

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

The Wendells

Saint Marc's Square, Venice

Little bro as monkeys

Mt Willard, NH

On the porch, San Francisco (stitched panorama)

Construction Workers, Boston's North End

3 men in a truck, South Dakota

Waiting to Cross, Boston

Kisses and Ice Cream, Rome

Pikes Peak, CO

Howden Farms, Ashley Falls, MA

Howden Farms, Ashley Falls, MA

Sara Parrilli, Monterey, MA

November 1, 2008

photo slideshow/video for Kripalu Center

Watch the photo slideshow/video piece that I made for Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. I took the majority of the photos and edited the photos and audio together.

October 26, 2008

an assortment of the ordinary

Here’s a selection of pictures from the last week. Starting with a day in Hudson with Laura D (she’s awesome, check out her blog). This is my tea in a mug made by Laura’s boyfriend.

LD herself.

That afternoon we had an amazing crepe around the corner from her house.

The next day I walked through town to meet my friend Erin and noticed this display on Main Street.

Then I ran into another friend named Laura and her newly adopted dog Isabella.

Erin and I had brunch and then coffee, yum.

Erin soaking up the sun.

Erin took this one of me thinking deep thoughts with cappuccino in-hand as I do every Sunday morning.

Today Sara and I walked the loop around Benedict Pond in Beartown State Forest.

She’s nearly camouflaged!

We think these are mushrooms...