October 26, 2008

an assortment of the ordinary

Here’s a selection of pictures from the last week. Starting with a day in Hudson with Laura D (she’s awesome, check out her blog). This is my tea in a mug made by Laura’s boyfriend.

LD herself.

That afternoon we had an amazing crepe around the corner from her house.

The next day I walked through town to meet my friend Erin and noticed this display on Main Street.

Then I ran into another friend named Laura and her newly adopted dog Isabella.

Erin and I had brunch and then coffee, yum.

Erin soaking up the sun.

Erin took this one of me thinking deep thoughts with cappuccino in-hand as I do every Sunday morning.

Today Sara and I walked the loop around Benedict Pond in Beartown State Forest.

She’s nearly camouflaged!

We think these are mushrooms...

October 13, 2008

Boston apartment memories

Today I was scanning more images for the forthcoming website for the film about the Little Brothers of Saint Francis. In the mix, I found photos from my last summer living in Boston. I had these awesome roommates and cats in a sweet apartment in JP...

This is Matty.

Matty with his childhood likeness.

and Matty and me.

Shacora, dreaming of the outside world...

Mingus, quite content where he is.

October 12, 2008


Another beautiful Sunday in the Berkshires and Laura and I decided to enjoy it by visiting Hilltop Orchards in Richmond MA.

Eat it, it’s good for you.

Laura took this one of me, so happy with my Red Delicious.

Can you see the people on their tractor ride?

And a free wine tasting on the way out.

October 8, 2008

today: cat in box, autumn in the Berkshires, bees, building, basement

Today I did a variety of shooting, beginning with the surprise that my cat fit herself into a Tofurky box.

Then I headed to Kripalu and was inspired by the fall beauty along the way...

While shooting and driving may not be recommended, it creates an enticing blur in the trees.

After arriving at Kripalu, to photograph the progress of their annex construction, I met this hard-working bee in the parking lot.

While putting my grill away in my basement (goodbye summer) I was struck by this small vine which has managed to grow here.