January 28, 2009

contest entry

This week I entered six photos of the Little Brothers of Saint Francis into a photojournalism/documentary competition by PDN (Photo District News). I’m hoping it will be considered for the Nikon Storyteller Award.

I selected the images from my documentary gallery on my portfolio site (http://maureencotton.com/documentary.php), and the Ridiculous & Sublime: Life in an Inner-City Monastery website (http://www.ridiculousandsublime.com/).

January 22, 2009


One of my new roommates just happens to be a world-class chef. I’ve become a bit of an apprentice. This week h/we (perfectly) pan-seared scallops. Yum.

We started by going to a magical land called Russo’s. Think Whole Foods but not so expensive and corporate. Yes, it’s amazing.

Pete shows me how to choose an onion.

It's time to get down to business.

Thyme oil in action.

Did cauliflower ever look so good?

Lemon zesting in action.

The result!

January 18, 2009

new friends

My new household in Boston includes 1 other woman, 2 guys, 3 kitties and 1 dog. We’re all still getting to know each other. Carson and my kitty Olivia seem to have something going on... That's Olivia in the background on the bed.

This is Carson.

This is Sarah and Lexi.

This was a 2 degree winter walk.

January 7, 2009

cat in a tree

This may not cat look like a lot of trouble when she’s just sitting in a draw, but yesterday Olivia scaled a tree higher than a 2-story house in about 5 seconds with an adrenaline rush from the site of a big black lab.

I must admit I missed a few great photo ops because I was focused on figuring out how to get her down. But here are the images I did grab.

First my roommate and I took turns climbing a ladder that we set against the trunk of the tree. When we were calling her over she just seemed to get more comfy and less scared. She looked at me, 4 feet away, like she was saying “oh, you’re here. I guess this ok then.”

When we tried to lore her over with tuna she came just close enough to get some, and then sat, ate it, and licked herself!! I’ve never seen a cat so chill stuck in a huge tree.

Eventually we extended the ladder to its max height so the tip leaned against the branch while I faced an icy paved driveway. I grabbed the wee one roughly and descended. Can you see her little silhouette here?