July 23, 2008

custom wedding dress

My dear friend Sara Parrilli is a fabulous seamstress. She created this earthen (organic cotton) bridal dress as a wedding present for a friend. You can see progress shots and other projects on her blog.

July 14, 2008

wedding bells

Despite all the crazy weather lately, Susan and Daniel managed to get an hour of sunlight for their outdoor wedding ceremony at Lars Anderson Park in Boston.

Daniel and his mom.

Susan and her mom.

Then they had a great party at the Jorge Hernadez Cultural Center in the South End, what a fun space it is!

July 5, 2008

camping in NH

I spent this past week in the woods of northern New Hampshire. I had decided not to bring my digital SLR so I could focus on escaping from my life and my profession, but I ended up taking these photos with my friend point-and-shot Canon—easy to photograph such a majestic place. We hiked a mile and half straight up to the front door of this cabin, our home-away-from-home for the week.

The view of Mt Washington through the front door.

We kept warm, and made s'mores, by our wood stove.

The Saco River.

Whhhheeeeeeeeeeeee, rope swings along the river.

Johanna by the safety of the mosquito coil.

Johanna took this picture as she watched the sunset.

Dale and Johanna watching the sunset.